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    GKD: Competitive advantage

    The advantage of our company is a reasonable price and quality product.

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    From cotton to pulp

    Using cotton we create valuable paper for further processing. 

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    Production development

    Using modern technology, a team of professionals develops new types of products.

About Us

GLOBAL KOMSCO DAEWOO is a modern cotton cellulose production company located in Yangiyul district, Tashkent region, which began its activities in 2010 in accordance with Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 1390“On Measures for Organization of Modern Production of Cotton Cellulose Based at Yangiyul Pulp and Paper Mill” dated August 17, 2010.



Cellulose in fibrous or in chemically modified form plays a relevant part in products for industrial applications and in products which are used in human daily life.

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Banknote paper, as well as other sophisticated papers for passports and official documents, must have specific features to ensure security and reassure users.

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Cellulose paper manufactured by our company is highly utilized for securities production.

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Cellulose for the chemical industry

Cellulose utilizes widely in the chemical industry as well as in the production of paints. Cellulose is used for the manufacture of "Cellulose (nitro) gloss paint" - Paint of the last layer based on nitrocellulose and alkyd

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