D-type products

D-type products

“D” type product. GKD guarantees that Cotton Pulp is made of 100% cotton, and quality of all of Cotton Pulp is controlled in line with the international standard. Parameters vary for each grade of Cotton Pulp. We can customize Cotton Pulp to meet demands and requirements of customers.

“D” type product parameters

Brightness (%)min. 80

Moisture content (%)  max. 8,0

Thickness (㎛)1000±300

Freeness (°SR)13~20

Dirtiness (mm2/m2)    max. 2,0

Viscosity (cPs)            min. 90

α cellulose (%)            min. 99

Ash content (%)          0,2~0,3

Grammage (g/m2)       600±50

Density (g/㎤)  0,60±0,03